The most reliable and advanced BusyBox installer

  • One click install for both rooted and non-rooted devices
  • Keep BusyBox up-to-date
  • Create and run shell scripts
  • Beautiful material design
  • ~340 supported applets


Install BusyBox

Install the latest and greatest version of BusyBox for Android. One-click installer, install in recovery mode or use BusyBox in terminal emulator.

BusyBox Applets

Get information for the ~340 supported applets that come with BusyBox.

Run Shell Scripts

Harness the power of BusyBox by running shell scripts. You can add your own and share them with the community.

Code Editor

BusyBox for Android comes with an intelligent code editor with syntax-highlighting for multiple languages.

Material Design

BusyBox for Android is currently the only app in its category to implement a beautiful interface with material design. You can customize the theme to your liking.

Recovery Support

Create flashable ZIP archives to install BusyBox in TWRP or ClockworkMod recovery.

System Info

Get an analysis of storage space on your device. View additional details about the installed version of BusyBox on your device.

How & Why

Watch the video by Max Lee for more information on BusyBox and why you need it on Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BusyBox?

BusyBox is a single small executable that combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities. It provides minimalist replacements for most of the utilities you usuallly find in GNU coreutils. For more information visit

Why do I need BusyBox?

Most applications that use root access need BusyBox to function properly. BusyBox can be useful for developers or power-users since it provides many utilities that Android's Toolbox does not.

Does my device need root access?

No, you do not need root access to use BusyBox. BusyBox for Android can run in terminal emulator or from ADB shell. However, if you want to install and symlink BusyBox on your system path then root access is required.

What is the difference between the free and pro version?

The free version is ad supported. The pro version removes ads and adds additional features, like an advanced installer.

How can I run BusyBox commands?

Programs included in BusyBox can be run simply by adding their name as an argument to the BusyBox executable:

/system/xbin/busybox ls

More commonly, the desired command names are linked (using a symbolic links) to the BusyBox executable. For example just


BusyBox would see that its "name" is "ls" and act like the "ls" program.

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Story behind the app

BusyBox for Android was first published in March of 2011. It was the second BusyBox installer on Google Play. It was developed due to unsatisfaction with any current solutions.

The app was re-written in February of 2016 to give users a better BusyBox installer alternative. The app closely follows material design guidelines. You can find the source code on GitHub.

The app is published by JRummy Apps Inc. — a trusted company with over 30 million installs from several root related apps on Google Play.

What do people think?

This is the best busybox installer I've ever used. So many features. Thank you so much.

Steve Evans Google Play Review

Love the new UI. Great app; it just works.

Tim Lengert Google Play Review

I love the material design you used. I am totally amazed. 5 stars for this amazing UI. Hats off to the developer.

Anuj Sharma Google Play Review

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